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Bringing Meaning to Measurement

Often times we become so entangled with the status quo that the idea for truly progressing manufacturing processes may seem like a futuristic dream, but it does not have to be. These are all improvements our customers are experiencing through the use of our 3D metrology solutions:

• Speed up inspection workflows
• Alleviate CMM bottlenecks
• Derive the optimal corrective action sooner
• Reduce the number of iterations
• Solve fit and form issues
• Manufacture closer to net shape
• Have a quicker method for root cause analysis
• Track trends to prevent future problems
• Speed up time to market

Since 1997, Capture 3D- the North American partner for GOM GmbH in Germany, has been assisting companies reach their goals with the use of our advanced high quality technology – 3D scanners, photogrammetry systems, comprehensive inspection software, and automated robotic solutions.

Let us take your part, mold, tool, and/or die and show you how our solutions can optimize your product development and manufacturing processes. Contact us for an onsite demo with your parts in your environment today -